Happy Thanksgiving: Take care of your teeth! 

While we briefly discussed holiday teeth care in last week’s blog post, we wanted to follow up this week by discussing how to take care of your teeth on Thanksgiving Day. While many of the same points apply, Thanksgiving centers around food. So, we hope these more specific tips may help ward off bad habits that could turn your thankful holiday table into a terror for your teeth! 

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Don’t Crack Up

How to avoid cracking your teeth

Have you ever heard a tooth crack inside your mouth? Unless you’ve chipped or broken a tooth, you may not be familiar with the terrifying sound. But take our word for it; few other things strike more terror than the unnerving snap of a canine, incisor, pre-molar or molar. In this blog post, we examine tooth structure and offer suggestions for avoiding some foods and activities that could introduce you to the unsettling noise and other associated broken-tooth horrors. 

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All About Dental Implants

Rise of Cosmetic Dentistry
Before King Louis the 14th, people let their teeth rot until they fell out of their gums or went to the dentist to have them pulled but not replaced. But because Louis was plagued by dental problems his entire life and because he placed such a premium on appearance, French society took notice, still opting for extraction but willingly investing in attractive false teeth. Born with two teeth already in his mouth, Louis’ teeth were eventually pulled. As a result, he suffered large maxillary bone defect, which negatively affected his ability to communicate.

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Is Cosmetic Dentistry for You?

Although many people wouldn’t count visiting the dentist among their most favorite activities, there is nothing nicer than feeling confident enough to smile. And a brilliant smile requires not just regular flossing and brushing but frequent visits to a dentist, for professional treatment of teeth and gums.  Unsightly dental flaws can negatively impact dental confidence. If the flaws you perceive about your teeth make you afraid to smile, cosmetic dentistry might be right for you. At Blue Ocean Dentistry, we aim to change your opinion about dentistry. We don’t want you to dread visiting the dentist. We want you to look forward to your preventative dental cleanings, which are designed to help keep you out of the procedure chair. 

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Crowns: Dr. Fred Wong Crowns Patients Like Royalty

As a full-service dentist whose office is in Glendora, Dr. Fred Wong, of Blue Ocean Dentistry, offers a wide variety of services. By doing a full exam and taking X-rays, when appropriate, Dr. Wong and his staff will determine how to get to the root of your dental problems, whether you are missing teeth, experience oral and/or jaw pain or if you aren’t happy with your smile. One of the dozens of services the Blue Ocean Dentistry team provides are dental crowns and bridges.  

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