Thanksgiving & Dental Health

Thanksgiving is a time of sharing, giving thanks, and spending precious time with family. Sadly, the holiday season can also pose some serious dental issues for those of us who don’t take good care of our teeth. Still, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your teeth stay healthy during Thanksgiving—and beyond!

Thanksgiving is a time of sharing, giving thanks, and spending precious time with family.

Thanksgivings are a time to celebrate and give thanks for all that we have. This holiday is an opportunity for families to come together, share stories, and pass on traditions from generation to generation. It’s also a time to reflect on how lucky you are to have such wonderful people in your life – including your dentist!

November is the perfect time of year for getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist because it provides an opportunity for us both to reflect on what we’re thankful for while giving back some much-needed TLC (teeth cleaning) before the big meal.

You can keep your teeth healthy during the holidays by remembering to brush and floss after your Thanksgiving meal.

There are several ways to keep your teeth healthy over the holidays:

  • Brush twice a day, once in the morning and before bed. Brushing removes plaque, an invisible film of bacteria that forms on your teeth and gums. If not removed regularly, these bacteria can cause tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Floss at least once daily, preferably after each meal. Research shows that flossing is just as effective at preventing gum disease as brushing alone!

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily are two of the most important ways to maintain good oral hygiene.

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily are two of the most important ways to maintain good oral hygiene.

  • Brushing should be done at least twice daily, ideally in the morning and evening. Make sure you brush for at least two minutes, covering every tooth surface with a soft bristle brush. Young children may need help from an adult until they master this task.
  • Flossing is equally important for removing plaque from between your teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach it. 

Sugary foods and drinks can cause cavities, especially in children.

Let’s be honest: you’re going to eat a lot of rich, sugary foods this holiday season. Whether it’s the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or the eggnog at Christmas, chances are you’ll be gobbling down plenty of food that is bad for your teeth.

The best way to avoid problems with your teeth during the holidays is to brush thoroughly after every meal and snack, floss regularly and visit your dentist if you have any questions about how often (or not) you should be visiting them. Sugary foods and drinks can damage teeth in two ways—cavities and erosion. Cavities occur when sugar breaks down the enamel on your teeth. Erosion occurs when acid wears away tooth enamel over time

Your teeth will remain healthier if you drink lots of water after your Thanksgiving meal.

If you drink lots of water after dinner, your teeth will remain healthier. Water helps to flush out the sugar in your mouth. Alcoholic drinks can cause dry mouth, which is bad for your teeth because it makes them more vulnerable to decay and other problems.

So, drink water before, during and after dinner! It’s always a good idea to keep a glass of water nearby when eating so that you can sip on it at any time during dinner (and probably throughout the day). And don’t forget about being thirsty before having something alcoholic—it’s important to stay hydrated!

If you are having trouble getting excited about Thanksgiving part because of a broken tooth or some other dental issue, give us a call today.

In case you’re feeling like your dental issues are dampening your Thanksgiving spirit, we want to remind you that it’s not too late to get help. Call us today and we can take care of all your dental needs, from a quick cleaning to fixing a broken tooth. We have the expertise and resources necessary to help solve even the most pressing emergencies when it comes to oral health.

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