May is National Dental Care Month

These days, there appears to be celebrations and commemorations for just about everything under the sun, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Humans love to fill up the calendar with unique days of remembrance, but the month of May is a special one for those of us in the dental business. May is National Dental Health Care Month.

The Origin of Preventative Dental Care

Since the dawn of time, pretty much, our pearly whites have been neglected, which inevitably led to early gum disease as well as tooth decay and loss. We, as a society, have only cared about taking care of our teeth for a little over one hundred years. In fact, we attribute the preventative care regimen that most of us grew up with to a specific man: Thaddeus P. Hyatt. He was one of the first to promote the preventative dental health care that seems so routine today. Starting in 2018, National Dental Care Month has been observed every year.

Why Celebrate National Dental Care Month?

When we are young children, most of us a taught the dental health care routine: brush at least twice a day, floss daily, use mouth rinse and avoid a lot of sugary foods. These things, when done, help to maintain the health of our teeth and prevent disease, but, as we grow up, these things tend to fall by the wayside. National Dental Care Month reminds us that dental care is important and hopefully helps us to once again set good habits that will protect our teeth, not just for the month of May, but habits that will last all year long.

Ways to Commemorate National Dental Care Month

There are many ways to commemorate National Dental Care Month. In addition to getting back into the dental hygiene routine, it’s time to schedule a dental exam. Routine exams including x-rays, fluoride treatments, and regular cleanings is one of the best ways to ensure that your bright, healthy smile lasts for many years to come. You can also share National Dental Care Month with others by commenting on the day via social media with the hashtag #NatjionalDentalHealthCareMonth. Make others aware of this important month so everyone will get back into the healthy routine of protecting their teeth.

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