Happy Thanksgiving: Take care of your teeth! 

While we briefly discussed holiday teeth care in last week’s blog post, we wanted to follow up this week by discussing how to take care of your teeth on Thanksgiving Day. While many of the same points apply, Thanksgiving centers around food. So, we hope these more specific tips may help ward off bad habits that could turn your thankful holiday table into a terror for your teeth! 

1. Sugar is sweet but not for teeth!

Even though we take particularly good care of our own pearly whites, we must admit that even we indulge a bit on Thanksgiving Day. We enjoy holiday sweets just like you and the rest of the world. That said, sugar undermines oral health. The sugar itself is not what causes cavities. The mouth is filled with bacteria which feeds of sugar to create harmful acid. Acid causes cavities because it eats through dental enamel. To take care of teeth, brush immediately after eating sugar or rinse your mouth with water. Water flushes sugar and food debris from teeth before it can cause damage!

2. Starch damages teeth.

Much like sugar, starches or carbohydrates have been found to cause tooth decay.  Carbs and starches mix with the bacteria in the same way sugars do. We mention this because so many Thanksgiving dishes are loaded with starches, from the breads, stuffing, to the pie crusts, and even potatoes.

3. Good foods stain. 

Unfortunately, some of the world’s tastiest foods and drinks stain teeth. For example, red wine, iced tea, cranberry sauce, and coffee stain enamel. For unknown reasons, certain teeth tend to pick up stains more readily than others. So, if your teeth resist stains, you owe it to your genes. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum, avoid foods that stain or immediately rinse after ingesting. And, if you would prefer a whiter shade for your teeth, call our office to discuss a tooth whitening strategy. We have several different tools for bleaching teeth, either in our office or at your home. 

From all of us at Blue Ocean Dentistry, Happy Thanksgiving!

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