Take Care of Your Teeth This Holiday Season

The period between Halloween and New Year’s Day can wreak havoc on dental health. Parties and family get-togethers often center around food. And, what’s more, a busy social calendar leaves little time for personal care. So, how can you take care of your pearly whites while still enjoying the season? This blog post offers ideas for taking care of yourself while making the most of the holidays. 

1. Pay attention to your diet

We all enjoy certain foods over the holidays. But if you’re not careful, your diet could resemble a fast-food menu. Guard against this by making regularly shopping trips. While you’re at the store, stock your cart full of leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and sugar-free snacks. Avoid sugar-laden desserts and opt for fruit, instead. And instead of sipping on calorie-dense sodas or cocktails, choose soda water with a slice of lemon. 

2. Brush and Floss

While you may not feel motivated to floss when you get home from an office holiday event, force yourself to make the sacrifice for the good of your teeth. Flossing takes just a few minutes but can mean the difference between a healthy plaque-free mouth and sore, bleeding gums. Buy a travel toothbrush so you can brush right after indulging in sugary sweets and drinks. 

3. Don’t skip dental appointments

Of course, you’re busy. But don’t let the urgent overtake the priority. Your mouth matters. Therefore, resist the urge to cancel your bi-annual cleaning. A good scaling and polish can help offset a few indulgences. 

4. Hydrate

Holiday parties and dinners often involve mulled red wine, rich desserts, and fatty foods. Do your body a favor by drinking plenty of water. You should drink an average of 8 glasses of water per day. If you tend to forget this important habit, set a reminder-timer on your phone. Or invest in a 64-ounch bottle, so you can keep track of your H20 intake. Several Smartphone apps help monitor water intake over the course of a day. So, choose whichever system you prefer. And drink up! 

Happy Holiday Season, from all of us at Blue Ocean Dentistry.

About Dr. Fred Wong of Blue Ocean Dentistry in Glendora, California

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