National Oral Health Month

As September winds down, allow us to wish you Happy Oral Health Month! September is the perfect time to focus on your dental routine. For our part, we would like to address two of the world’s most common health problems which affect the mouth – cavities (dental caries) and gum disease. 

Gum Disease

Believe it or not, gum disease ranks second only to the common cold in terms of prevalence. Although you may not be aware that you have gum disease, it can wreak havoc with your health. In fact, scientists have linked dental issues to coronary heart disease, adverse pregnancy outcomes and diabetes.

At-Risk of Gum Disease

Are you at risk for gum disease? Although diabetics, pregnant women, the elderly, and smokers struggle with gum disease more often than others, everyone is at risk. The first, most obvious sign is bleeding gums. However, sometimes, no symptoms manifest.  

Take Care of Your Gums

Dental professionals recommend following a three-step oral care routine: 

  1. Brush.
    Brush first thing when you get up in the morning rather than after eating. Brush for at least two minutes, using a soft toothbrush and angle it at 45 degrees from the gumline. Clean in a circular motion. Then, brush again before going to bed. Don’t brush too hard, which can damage gums. Replace your toothbrush once every three months.  
  2. Floss.
    Not optional, flossing is equally important for optimal dental health as brushing. Flossing removes plaque which forms in-between teeth. It reaches spots where a toothbrush can’t access. 
  3. Rinse with alcohol-free mouthwash
    This is necessary because brushing, alone, removes only 50 percent of the bacteria which breeds in the mouth. Use alcohol-free mouthwash that contains fluoride and is the same pH balance as saliva. 

Taking care of teeth and gums is about more than a sparkling smile. It’s an investment in your health!

About Dr. Fred Wong of Blue Ocean Dentistry in Glendora, California

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