Happy Oral Health Month

To encourage lifetimes and generations of healthy smiles, the American Dental Association (ADA) and Colgate are collaborating in June to celebrate Oral Health Month. The campaign theme is: Share More Time, Share More Smiles. The celebration is aimed at educating Hispanic families about the importance of proper oral care. Dentists across America (including those us at Blue Ocean Dentistry) also encourage the public to share photos on social media to benefit the ADA Foundation’s Give Kids A Smile program.

The campaign’s theme, “Lead by Example,” speaks to parents, since they influence the health and wellness of their families. The campaign also communicates that an effective way to teach children good oral care habits is by modeling.

“Good habits — like brushing for two minutes, twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and visiting a dentist regularly — helps keep smiles healthy,” said the ADA President. “Leading by example is one of the best ways to teach these healthy habits.”

Campaign goals include: 

  • Educating the public.
  • Empowering patients to develop healthy habits.
  • Encouraging people to visit their dentist regularly. 

Recently, the Hispanic population in America has experienced the most growth among multicultural consumer group in the U.S. In fact, the Latin community accounts for over half of the country’s total population growth.

“About a quarter of all Hispanics are millennials — truly the future of America’s Hispanic community,” she said. “When Share More Time, Share More Smiles’ messages reaches them, we’re confident that they will pass along the knowledge to both their parents and children. That way, the Oral Health Month message can reach multiple generations.”

ADA members and the public can also help the campaign while benefitting Give Kids A Smile. Members can share photos of themselves or their family practicing oral hygiene using the hashtag #TimetoSmile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google during Oral Health Month. As part of the campaign, Colgate will donate $1 to the ADA Foundation’s Give Kids A Smile program every time someone shares a photo. Colgate has committed to a minimum donation of $10,000 and a maximum donation of $40,000. 

Dr. Reyes, a pediatric dentist in Brooklyn, New York, has actively educated Hispanic families, and many others, in her own community. “The family is the key to success in the Hispanic community,” she said, “and I am very excited to see this effort devoted to those families.”

Blue Ocean Dentistry is excited about Oral Health Month. We always focus on the importance of prevention and the impact of good oral health on overall health.   

About Dr. Fred Wong of Blue Ocean Dentistry in Glendora, California

Dr. Fred Wong and the staff at Blue Ocean Dentistry use the latest available dental treatments, equipment, and materials – all of which make a marked difference in our patients’ experiences. We are committed to helping our patients achieve optimal dental health. We creatively combine dental science and artistry — which can literally redesign your smile. Since even a subtle change in your smile will help you to project self-confidence and high self-esteem, we love helping you feel good about yourself. We deliver the finest dental care at the most reasonable cost and accept most dental insurance plans as well as CareCredit. For more about the dental treatment plans we offer or to schedule an appointment, call today (626) 852-6999.

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